Education Support: Selecting The Right Type For Your Child

Education Support: Selecting The Right Type For Your Child

  • Transport of Dangerous Goods in Australia

    Dangerous goods refer to solids, liquids and gases that can harm people, the environment or property due to their physical or chemical properties. In Australia, transport of dangerous goods is guided by the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADGC). This document, in conjunction with state and national laws, standardizes how dangerous goods should be transported. The following is a list of dangerous goods according to the ADGC. Flammable liquids, Class 3 Substances prone to combustion, Division 4.

  • Do Your Employees Operate in a Limited Area? They Need Confined Space Training

    The safety of workers at your factory is important and must be made part of the daily routine. You also need to ensure that the assets of the firm operate without endangering the lives of people. Any risks need to be averted to protect loss of assets from fires or other safety hazards. Confined space training provides different measures of safeguarding property and self. The following are the reasons why your employees should register for lessons.

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Education Support: Selecting The Right Type For Your Child

As a parent of five school-aged children who all have different learning styles, I've had to research the variety of options available for providing each child with additional support at various stages of their education. A private tutor might work for kids who respond to logical or verbal learning styles, but not for kids who prefer intrapersonal or kinaesthetic learning styles. I started this blog to share what I've learned from researching and using a variety of education support options within my own family, such as supplementary video courses, group brainstorming sessions, problem solving games and brain training. I hope you find my blog useful.