Education Support: Selecting The Right Type For Your Child

Education Support: Selecting The Right Type For Your Child

Comparing Dog Sponsorship vs. Dog Adoption

by Vera Hart

Are you an animal lover and you would love to offer care and support to animals? Perhaps you are not sure of the correct steps to take? Below are the main differences between dog sponsorship and dog adoption. They will assist you in knowing which route to follow.

Your Relationship with the Animal

If you choose to sponsor a dog, you are basically contributing funds towards the care of the animal. Choosing to join a dog sponsorship program simply means that you will be sending in money to the animal shelter. This money will be directed towards the feeding, sheltering and medical care of the dog while in the shelter. You will be like a silent carer for them.

Adoption on the other hand, is when you have decided to become the new owner of a previously homeless dog. At the homeless shelter, you pick any dog that you would love and you take them home with you.

Fees vs. Funds

When you partake in dog sponsorship, or any other form of animal sponsorship, your money is referred to as funds. These funds are basically used for the running of the shelter which houses hundreds to thousands of different animals. Although it is not a must, you should ideally donate to the shelter as often as you can. The amount should not matter provided you donate constantly. Although you choose one specific animal as your sponser, the money is usually spread equally to fit the needs of all animals.

In adoption, you pay some adoption fees before you get full custody of the animal. Adoption fees are used to cover the expenses incurred while preparing your preferred pet for transition. This includes medical check-ups, food and paperwork. Once you pay the adoption fees however, you won't have any other payments to make to the animal shelter. You will now take care of your new pet yourself.

Time Period

The one similarity between dog sponsorship and dog adoption is that both are lifelong activities. Once you become a member of a dog sponsorship program, you can contribute in cash and kind for as long as you can. There is no time limit for your help because there will always be a homeless animal that requires help.

If you choose to adopt a dog, you are also supposed to take care of them until the animal passes away. You should be able to provide the love and care they require to live a happy life.


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Education Support: Selecting The Right Type For Your Child

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